The WeatherTech® MudFlap provides protection for your vehicle’s most vulnerable rust area. No-Drill MudFlaps protect the fender and rocker panel from stone chips, slush, dirt and debris. Fastening System

Featuring the Patent Pending QuickTurn™ hardened Stainless Steel fastening system. The WeatherTech® No—Drill MudFlap set literally “mounts in-minutes™” in most applications without the need for wheel/tire removal, and most importantly — without the need for drilling into the vehicle’s fragile painted metal surface! Contoured specifically for each application and molded from a proprietary thermoplastic resin, the WeatherTech® No-Drill MudFlap will offer undeniable vehicle protection. Simply, a Perfect DigitalFit®.


WeatherTech® MudFlaps are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured with American made tooling in the USA.

Husky Liners Mud Guards provide a substantial barrier against these road hazards, keeping your colors true and clean. Plus, they come in a paint-ready matte finish for matching to your exterior. Installing Husky Mud Guards for trucks takes less than an hour. The custom-made design allows Husky Mud Guards to anchor inside your specific wheel well with only minor drilling required. Husky includes all the hardware you’ll need for sure mounting that won’t come loose. Get sturdy molded plastic protection for your vehicle’s paint in the front and back.

Plasticolor universal mud flaps are designed for easy installation on your car or truck. Easy to follow installation instructions are included, and use normal household tools. In addition to common black, they have a mud flaps with a variety of designs so you will be sure to find the one that fits your style.

Husky Liners® brand Wheel Well Guards cover, protect and enhance the appearance or your truck’s rear wheel wells.

  • Protect suspension, air bag, and fifth wheel components
  • Guard against the damaging effects of rocks, dirt, salt and road debris
  • Made from highly durable impact resistant material
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee