DVD Systems

Going on a trip or just want to keep the kids entertained on a day to day basis. Overhead or headrest mounted screens provide movie quality enjoyment in the rear seat of your vehicle. Your backseat passengers can enjoy their favorite movies or cartoons on the screen size of your choosing. Some units include headphones (or can he purchased separately) so the backseat passengers can listen quietly, while the front seat passengers talk or listen to their favorite music. The Headrest units can be matched to the car’s interior while the overhead unit comes with three color choices to compliment any interior. If you have kids that can never agree on what to watch, some headrest units have option to let each one watch their own choice of videos.

Heated Seats

Never had heated seats in your vehicle? Then you can’t imagine how warm you can be, even before the car itself warms up. Heated seats can be added to almost any vehicle to add that comfort that formerly was saved for the luxury vehicles only. We install your new seat heaters using a carbon fiber seat pad.

Back up Camera

Back up cameras are a great addition to your vehicle. From a convenience standpoint, the reversing camera’s benefit is obvious: It helps drivers back up safely. That’s especially useful in large vehicles, such as minivans or SUVs. Drivers of bigger vehicles may have trouble seeing behind them when backing up, and rear-facing cameras can make it easier to get out of a tight spot. This can prevent costly accidents. The reversing camera can be a major safety tool, as well. Dozens of serious accidents take place every year when drivers back over a child in a driveway or parking space. Pets, too, can he harmed in so-called backover accidents. While the reversing camera doesn’t solve that problem entirely, it gives drivers another eye behind their vehicles. Choose screens in your review mirror, in a separate unit or some can he used in conjunction with the radio screen already in your vehicle.

Cruise Control

If your vehicle didn’t come with cruise control, an aftermarket cruise control can be installed into most vehicles. Your cruise control can set your speed at the touch of a button! Once selected, the cruise control system constantly measures changes in engine loading and vehicle speed in order to maintain a set speed on the highway.