There are more reasons to tint your vehicle’s windows than just the way it makes your vehicle look.

  • Keeps the interior cooler in the summer
  • Helps prevent interior of your vehicle from cracking and fading
  • With the UV protection of window tint, it will protect your skin while in your vehicle
  • Shattered glass can cause injury, tint protects you and your passengers from that threat
  • Reduces glare from the sun
  • Adds privacy to your vehicle


Q. How long does it take to tint my windows?A: 2 front windows 1-2 hours / full car up to 6 hours

Q. How much does it cost?A: 2 front windows are $99/ full car varies, please call us for a quote

Q. Can I roll down windows right away?A: No. Keep them up for 3-5 days, depending on the time of year

Q. Why are my windows hazy?A: This is due to the curing process and is normal . As the water evaporates, this will go away, as will any water pockets you see.

Q. Will my windows turn purple? A: Not with high quality films, such as the one we use, Llumar.

Q. Can you tint over dot matrix patterns? A: In most cases, yes.

Q. How do I clean my windows? A: Soft cloth and soap and water is what is recommended.

Q. Is it possible to scratch window tint?A: Yes, Be very careful about removing seat belts or touching your windows with any hard objects.

Q. What is the warranty?A: Nationwide limited lifetime as long as YOU own the vehicle, with warranty card and original receipt