DECKED has revolutionized pickup truck organization with an ergonomic, low profile truck bed tool box system, which slides out tools, gear, and other items in heavy duty drawers while still allowing for full use of the truck bed. 
Custom-designed to fit perfectly into your truck bed’s footprint, the DECKED system is made from HDPE co-molded plastic around a galvanized steel frame, and boasts zinc-chromate steel hardware to resist rust. The payload deck can shoulder one full ton with two organized drawers below the deck that can handle 200 lbs of payload each. 
Both weatherproof and lockable, your cargo stays high, dry and secure. 
Stop by and learn more about the DECKED truck bed tool box system, how you can transform your truck into a versatile, gear-hauling machine and discover other ways that DECKED truck storage can help you amplify your cargo capacity.

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